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Yuki Shintani

    Yuki Shintani tells us the story of the cat in attached picture:

    Shortly after its birth, this cat was attacked by a raven and lost one eye. But among a sibling of 6 cats born at the same time as this cat, the hurt cat was the strongest and the liveliest.
    So when looking at the cats that are born in the street, the stray cats, we can be pessimistic but it is difficult to really anticipate what they will become? »


    Yuki Shintani adds :

    In this cat’s remaining eye, we can see a reflection of the city and its inhabitants. But does it mean that we really understand how cats see ? Maybe we should ask them and they may tell us the “eternal mystery”.


    Yuki Shintani mainly photographs the stray cats in the streets of the city of Tokyo. Through the different seasons, the city changes face but the stray cats stay together at same place supported by inhabitants who take care of them. Yuki Shintani shows this perspective of the city with true images full of emotion. By chosing among photos possible during his shooting, Yuki Shintani tries to make us to understand this “eternal mystery” with stray cats and will leave to future generation those memories of Tokyo, hidden and intimate pictures of straycats living in Tokyo.

    © Yuki Shintani