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Kota Sake

    The cats in the photos of the Neko-Project book are Mon chan and Mama chan. As you can tell from the name Mama chan is Mon Chan’s mother. They were wild cats and Sake’s wife picked them up from a cat protection center, before getting married. For Kota Sake, those cats were the first cats to live with.

    Kota Sake explains: “For me it is super fresh to live with pets. We live in a traditional Japanese house with Tatami,shoji, Fusuma and so on. I have always been fascinating by cats walking around or sleeping in our house. Especially at night, cats get active. We are living with these cats, but they are living in different world even we are sharing the same space. I’m thinking that there is not only one world but there are different worlds around like parallel worlds“.

    The photographer is interested in the relationship between animals and human being. He adds: “Because we are human, we sometimes forget that many different creatures exist on this planet in particular when we live in cities. But even in cities many creatures are living around us. My photography about animals is about the wonder of living, life, world etc. I am still doubting this planet earth is spinning. The world should be amazing and beautiful!”.

    © Kota Sake