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Jun Fujiyasu

    I met Jun Fujiyasu in 2014 through a book contest – ShaShin Book Award with his book entitled DZ dizygotic twins. In real life I met Jun with his twin. The circle was complete.

    So when Jun decided to apply to Neko project, I could not imagine that Jun will make a simple picture of a cat, it needed to be at least a double cat; cat twins or cat doppelgänger!

    Jun writes about his project:

    “I thought about the expression : “twin cats”. Cats that are multiple, animals often have in themselves two or more animals at the same time. For twins in reality, only two animals are born. However can we say that they are “twins”? I think that the word “twins” seems a bit unnatural to the offspring of multifetal animals.”

    In fact what does “twin cats” really means ? There’s no clear definition for this word.

    Jun answers: ” Even cats born separately can be treated as “twin cats” simply by saying “looks are similar”. It might be possible. Especially on the Internet, where the image is present but with high anonymity.
    So I used the word “#twincats” on the popular network Instagram to conduct a search and pick up the found images. The images of two similar cats started appearing on my personal computer screen from one to the next. Are those cats really “twins”? The truth is known only to the poster, but from the images called “twincats”, I felt a sudden urge to imagine “a fictional cat” with a big fluctuation characteristic that I can not say either of them.”

    Here is how his project is born … and it has given birth to « Twin cats », cats that are not real « twins » but still inseparable!

    © Jun Fujiyasu