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Kenta Tsunori

    In his series presented for the Neko Project, Kenta Tsunori takes us away from the city, away from the usual places of our dear felines. Kenta Tsunori always took care of the race horses at Funabashi hippodrome, and he lived in the stables, where his companions were actually cats. Mice, in large numbers, were attracted to the food given to horses. Of course mice attracted cats who came there to hunt them. When mice were eradicated, and as the racecourses regulars loved animals, the hunter cats remained. Those cats are now well treated and wheedled in Funabashi hippodrome.

    Kenta Tsunori traces the daily life of these cats in this unusual place. The cats, despite their strong link with the territory, share the place with the horses. It can make you smile to see them try to act like horses, but cats are cats and they have fun, even when horses are on the move. When it is cold the cats do not hesitate to take refuge in house and stand in front of the stove of the veterinary office. They also are the first defenders of horses if another animal ventures on their territory and represents a potential danger for horses, like when Michan is fighting with a snake.

    A good sense of humor and observation gives to the photos of Kenta Tsunori an original and unique taste to the project.


    © Kenta Tsunori