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Yu Hirai

    We will start this week with Yu Hirai, a photographer that we cherished since her series « Entre chiens et loups », who is also a talented drawer.

    She has this month an article about her another series MADAME ACTION in NIEPCEBOOK10 magazine:

    For Neko project she proposed us a project started a while ago: Maya Neko.
    The animal, the cat, is metaphoric and real. On the way from her mother’s home to the metro station, the old lady encounters the cats from the neighbourhood. This usual walk shows her physical independency but freedom of mind despite her old age. Her witty and playful look is juxtaposed to the cats look with poetry and grace. Yu Hirai has her own world of photography between Western and Eastern worlds, between her interior life, her daily life and her vision of the world. Her photography is a full consciousness of happiness and sorrow of life with a specific tonality of colours and shadowiness.

    Maya Neko is a hymn to freedom. Thank you Yu!

    © Yu Hirai