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George Tsukamoto

    George Tsukamoto remembers this quick encounter and tells us the story:

    I took this photo in Minatomachi, once I went there to photograph the sea and the boats. I was looking for beautiful places at the time of evening light, best for photos, when, suddenly, on the other side of the wall, a head of a cat emerged. Our eyes connected to each other. I was surprised on my side but he seemed astonished too, he had wide eyes and we were keeping watching each other. As he kept his eyes on me, I did not move. I aimed my camera at the cat and slowly came closer because of the lens used on my camera that day, so I pressed the shutter button gently while approaching the cat. However, arrived at 5 meters from him, he left on the other side of the wall and disappeared. This photo seems to illustrate the feeling of distance that exists at the same time between the friendliness of this cat and that which remains between cats and men. It is a photo that I particularly like. Here is the explanation of this photo above.

    © George Tsukamoto