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Akiko Koshinuma

    Since childhood, Akiko Koshinuma feels close to the wild side of the cat. Cats in the countryside live in harmony with nature. They spend a lot of their time outdoors and they smell a mixture of soil and grass, stunning scent of nature.

    Akiko Koshinuma reminds us that the cat comfortably sleeping in the living room, lives in osmosis with nature, sometimes savage, sometimes civilized. Let’s not forget that behind the pet, there is the animal, the origin of everything. This certainty is even stronger at nightfall. The cat keeping watch in the tall grass holds in itself an enigmatic force of life, like a light in the depths of the darkness.

    For the Neko Project, Akiko Koshinuma has proposed photos showing this observation, cats in the countryside day and night, their wild and civilized appearance. The visitor will be charmed by the vital energy that emerges from the photos, he can almost smell the scent of plants; feel the breath of the animal.

    © Akiko Koshinuma