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Mika Horie

    Mika Horie is the Japanese photographer famous for her photography on handmade paper. She goes to the mountain to find the right plant and takes the time in her studio to make the paper. In her participation to Neko Project, Mika Horie offers us a unique perceptive on the sensibility and subtle sense of humor of the cats.

    Mika Horie writes:
    “Everything here constantly and momentarily flows to the past.
    Layers of the past are continuously created day by day.
    Layers of the past.
    Point of time.
    The intangible future.
    Time never stops and flows naturally.
    Indigo symbolizes the earth, plants and creatures.
    Mika Horie is trying to walk into the flow, then stop thinking a tense, capture and contrast timelesssness and impermanence.
    Therefore, she pictures indigo.”

    Her pictures for this project were exhibited in France and Belgium.

    © Mika Horie