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Exhibition January 31st – July 5th 2020
The Japan Museum SieboldHuis will be exhibiting the exhibition ‘Neko. The cat in Japanese art’. Traditional and contemporary Japanese prints, rare drawings, objects, beautiful scroll paintings and contemporary photographs show the role of the cat in Japanese art over the centuries. Big and small lovers of cats and Japanese art should not miss this exhibition!
Japan Museum SieboldHuis is an independent foundation (Stichting Japanmuseum SieboldHuis), founded in 1999 to express the special and long relationship between Japan and the Netherlands.
Leiden, Netherlands

Views of exhition of Neko Project photographer in Leiden




Exhibition June 1st – August 4th 2019
Opening June 1st

IBASHO means ‘a place where you can be yourself’ in Japanese. IBASHO is a new gallery in Antwerp that opened her doors in March 2015, showing fine art Japanese photography ranging from works by well-known Japanese photographers to younger contemporary Japanese artists as well as works from Western photographers who were inspired by Japan. IBASHO hopes to show the versatility and beauty of Japanese photography in its many guises, from the raw and unpolished to the minimalist and still. As photo books are an important medium for presenting photography in Japan, IBASHO also deals in new and antiquarian Japanese photo books.




Exhibition June 6th –  July 13th 2019
Opening June 6th

Inaugurated in 2015, ARGENTIC gallery, located in Paris, strives to present original prints, of irreproachable quality, thus seeking to develop a lasting trust with its visitors and collectors. It is also a welcome and moduler space, to live the experience of exchanges and transmissions on photography and variable exhibition possibilities plus a rich bookstore space on photography. Specialized in humanistic photography, ARGENTIC gallery regularly exhibits the incredible photographs of pioneers such as Willy Ronis, Robert Doisneau, Edouard Boudat and Roger Schall, through precursory, figurative and naturalistic masterpieces, stemming from a French tropism but whose international influence remains indisputable. ARGENTIC gallery also exhibits contemporary photographers such as José Nicolas, Philippe Bréson, Laurent Gudin, Samuel Cueto and Kasra.




Exhibition September 10th – October 28th 2019
Opening September 11th



La Fontaine Obscure is an association of professional and/or amateur photographers based in Aix en Provence since 38 years. This association has been organizing for 18 years, PHOT’AIX, the Photography Festival, which strives to meet a double challenge:

  1. Promote contemporary photography by facilitating exchanges between French and foreign artists as part of the international exhibition Regards Croisés;
  2. Bringing photography down to a wider general audience and encouraging the emergence of new talents, by organizing Les Parcours Photographiques.

In 2015, Regards Croisés invited Japan for an exceptional exhibition: five Japanese artists (Yuki Hamada, Ken Kitano, Miki Nitadori, Naruki Oshima, Kazuyoshi Usui), exhibited their photographs in regard of five French photographers (Olivier Monge, Julie Poncet, Myriam Richard, Dorothy-Shoes, Tibo Streicher). Risaku Suzuki was the guest of honour. Since then, Belgium and then China have honoured Regards Croisés, and in 2018, Austria.

In addition to PHOT’AIX, the association organizes many events: monthly exhibitions in its gallery, readings of portfolios, participation in the Voies Off des Rencontres d’Arles and various photographic events in France and abroad, in addition to the various offers of training all year round (Masterclass and courses at all levels).