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Mitsuko Watanabe

    Mitsuko Watanabe made the choice to let her cat talk to you:
    “My name is Kuma. I am 10 years old. I was abandoned a while ago because I broke my leg. Now I have a family and I am perfectly well. I am greedy. My favorite dish is the nori and fugu sashimi. Of course, I usually eat cat food good for my health. What I hate most is staying alone at home… Mom goes out all the time … What I like is listening to music. Mom knows how to play harpsichord and cello. When she plays well, I show it to her by meowing in the tune. I appreciate Bach very much.
    Unfortunately I cannot travel but I am very “happy” when my photos are presented in France. Sophie, I’m waiting for you in Tokyo.
    Signed Kuma”

    ©Mitsuko Watanabe