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Tatsuya Ozawa

    For Neko project Tatsuya Ozawa is a photographer of the night but not of any normal night. In his photography project proposed to Neko Project, the night is associated to temples and cats making pictures so mysterious. Cats can be sweet and cute, “kawaï” style during the day but what the cat is really at night in a temple? Let’s experience one night with Tatsuya Ozawa in a temple…

    Tatsuya Ozawa feels the night and its pure air, its quiet atmosphere. The pupils of the cat eyes are glowing in the dark. When he sees the cat coming to him, the photographer can feel to be in presence of gods. Slowly Tatsuya Ozawa faces the cat without modifying the ambiance, the scene. The cat also watches the photographer. They are connected and the photographer can see in the eyes of the cat a direct passage to the world of legends. Suddenly the cat is not anymore in front but behind the photographer and disappears when the photographer turns around. One second later the cat is gone leaving very few tracks on the ground but many in the photographer’s memory and on the film. The night is back, deep and black. Just wait for more cats to come and bewitch the night.

    © Tatsuya Ozawa