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Kumiko Motoki

    Kumiko Motoki’s photography has been seen by many French people at La Gacilly photo festival 3 years ago with her beautiful photographs of Sumo.  (check website below)

    For Neko project, she proposes us an extremely original project of photographs of cats with overprints of Ukiyoe on a cat.

    Ukiyoe is a genre of Japanese art which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries. The term Ukiyoe means “picture of the floating world”.  There are many world-renowned ukiyo-e artists, such as Hokusai or Hiroshige.

    As the photographer comments : « However,  those artists are no match for my cat. My cat’s white fur is so beautiful and it turns to be a nice canvas »

    Kumiko Motoki presents us portraits of a cat as it is dressed with amazing and well-know ukiyoe, playing a daily scene of Edo’s life. The image is poetic carrying us in a world of wonders and magic.

    © Kumiko Motoki