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Emi Shimamura

    Emi Shimamura explains how she takes cat photography:

    The photos of cats I take are slightly different from the photos I usually take. Until now I have tried all kinds of ways to photograph but nowadays, I often take cats from the back. The reason is that most of the time I am alone with the cat and I have a particular intimacy with the subject of my photography, only the cat and I are looking at the same view, which brings me a modest joy, and by consequence it is joyful for the person who will see the photo.

    In addition those portrait cats are there to remember them. Stray cats (living outdoor) have a very shorter life than cats living in a house. Emi Shimamura states:

    I strongly believe that I do not want to forget that yet there is a sense why those cats are born, fulfill their lives in a hostile environment. Humans and animals are equal in importance in life and it doesn’t depend on how long they live. So it is very important that no one will be forgotten that a cat has lived and my photos are here to be a proof and this will keep me making photography and taking pictures of cats.

    © Emi Shimamura