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Takahiro Shirai

    It is a cat that Takahiro Shirai photographed on the shore of the Setonaikai (Seto Inland Sea) in Okayama Prefecture. Let’s feel the moment and listen to the photographer telling the story.
    « The twilight falls, everything becomes dark. At the moment the cat jumps, I take this picture when the jumping cat appears as a silhouette.
    Let’s be happy lookig at the picture and feel the beauty of the sea and the movement of the cat. »

    Another photo shows the silhouette of a cat under the moon. « That night, the sky, without being a sky full of star, rises my attention showing a cat bathing quietly in the moonlight. It was mysterious and beautiful! »

    At last the brothers cats’ silhouette. « The two cats we standing there quietly in the shadows of the night. Darkness was getting thicker and thicker. Time went slowly, the moment was magic. I took the picture ! »

    © Takahiro Shirai