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Koichiro Kimura

    The photography of Koichiro Kimura may seem close to the reality show but it is a much more authentique approach and close to the daily diary photography. Looking at his works already published – his son in the toilets or the parents bedroom- we enter the most intimate heart of the family and those images can fascinate or shock you according to your perception of what can be shown or not shown according to your own culture / education.

    For the Neko project, in Koichiro Kimura’s photography, it seems so obvious that the cat is the heart that beats for the family. Photographing the cat may seem trivial, easy. Then two photos further, we are in the middle of the daily life of the family, punctuated by simple and beautiful moments to see amazing pictures of truth. The preparation of the fish can not be done without the cat and when it is about to wash that cat, it is the whole family who bathes. These photos touch by their proximity and their tenderness. They show how much a cat in a family is not inconsequential.
    What the photograph wishes to tell us is beyond the simple picture of a cat …

    © Koichiro Kimura