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Aiko Iwasaki

    Aiko Iwasaki is a cat photographer and she has her own style. She is living in Ito, Shizuoka, near the seaside where strolling wild cats are numerous. Taking photos of cats is a mental projection of herself, she tries to be a cat while shooting.

    Narrative, poetic and sometimes humorous, her cat photography, all in black and white, is unforgettable. Her cats inhabit the image as in a Charlie Chaplin film, in a sort of misery but in a warm and humanistic tone. The three black cats are like tattletales. One could almost hear them comment on the photographer while she photographs them. Other cats do not behave like movie stars and reveal themselves to the photographer only by showing a velvet paw or an ear tip forcing our eye to look for them and travel in this setting of a real landscape but that Aiko Iwasaki’s photography transforms into a movie or theater setting.

    We can hear the sea breeze blow or breathe the air iodized seaside as her photography is alive and his cats present in this seascape.
    Hitchcock’s birds are not far but not aggressive, the cat wanders in their nearby and ignore them completely. We would advise Aiko to go behind the camera to make us a beautiful movie of cats!

    © Aiko Iwasaki