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Aoki Kanjo

    For a better cat life …

    Aoki Kanjo loves cats and has two cats at home. He has already seen kittens growing up with their mom after sheltering them. All those cats were cats abandonned cats in the streets or rescued cats. Nowadays he still photographs cats and actively gets involved in animal protection. He is in charge of checking the health status or monitoring the living conditions of stray cats, anykind of cats living outside. Congratulations Aoki !

    For this interview he proposed us two pictures he took in a Tokyo temple.

    The first one with a black cat was taken one morning when it was snowing. The yellow flowers are flowers of Kôbai (Chimonanthus Praecox), a plum tree with a very powerful smell.

    The second one with a tabby cat is full of tenderness. The cat was aware of the presence of the photographer and tried to charm him.
    Here is the favorite ride of the little tiger …

    © Aoki Kanjo