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4 exhibitions in 2022

38  Japanese photographers presented

More than 100 cats in photos

In Japanese the word NEKO means CAT

Yulia Riva and Sophie Cavaliero are pleased to present NEKO PROJECT, a photographic exhibition on the theme of cats in Italy in 2022.

The famous novel by Natsume Sôseki, "I am a cat", shows us the importance and the need to sometimes take a cat's point of view on our world. Cats have always played an important role in Japanese culture, from Maneki-neko to Hello Kitty; from the book The cat, Shozo and the two women written by Junichirô Tanizaki to the cats of the Ghibli studio; from Chiro, the dying cat of photographer Nobuyoshi Araki to Sasuke, the lost and found cat of another photographer Masahisa Fukase.

All the Japanese photographers of this exhibition have responded to an open call for the NEKO PROJECT project organized by Sophie Cavaliero and a jury composed of galleries, photographers and directors of festivals or photo agencies. Those photographers proposed a series of very personal photographs on the theme of the cat but with their own language, their own style, their own technique.

The NEKO PROJECT project allowed the publication in 2018 of a  book of photography with the 86 participants in the project and four exhibitions in France, Belgium and Holland.

The NEKO PROJECT project is a moment of friendship and love between our culture, western and eastern, between humans and cats.

Where in Italy ?

1- at The Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milano during the Design week. 

The Rossana Orlandi Gallery is a landmark of contemporary design, with designer items international furniture and unique pieces. The space is one of the place to be during the Design Week.


2- at the General  Consulate of Japan in Milano in the exhibition space during the month of July 2022

Please find below a trailer:

“NEKO PROJECT”, is the title of this new “choral” photographic exhibition on cats, created thanks to the curatorship of Yulia Riva and Sophie Cavaliero, and co-organized by the Japanese Association of Northern Italy and the Consulate, as part of the review “Japan and Surroundings”.

The exhibition will be scheduled in the public space of the Consulate until July 29 and can be visited from Monday to Friday, during the opening hours to the public, by appointment. Please confirm the day and time of the visit at this address:
In fact, we would like to remind you that during this period it is not possible to freely access the Consulate, but only by appointment. Therefore, those who wish to visit the exhibition are requested to confirm their presence at the above address.

3- at the Villa Bertelli in Forte dei Marmi from September 2 until October 2, 2022



The Villa Bertelli Foundation aims to attract private capital and guarantee over time same full support to the public and cultural activities of the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, working actively promoting the activities cultural, entertainment, communication, with the goal of contributing to the economic and civil development of the local community.

The exhibition will be covering a wide choice of photograph on the thematic of cat.


4- at the Design concept store “Bracchi” in Forte dei Marmi during the whole summer 2022



The site used to be abandoned and the kingdom of cats … Today it is a very famous design concept store with beautiful gardens and terraces and indoors with different stagings. Cats will be back in the place with photographs of Neko Project!




Which Japanese photographers will be presented at those exhibitions ?

BANRI, Atsumi Daisuke, NiNi Frisky, Jun Fujiyasu, Yuko Fukagawa, Kai Fusayoshi, Yuji Hamada, Toshiko Hashimoto, Mika Horie, Masanori Ikeda, Masakazu Ikeguchi, Dai Ito, Hiromi Kakimoto, Risa Kayahara, Tadahiro Kumagai, Masayuki Kurihara, Shigenori Miki, Yoshinori Mizutani, Yasushi Mori, Nohagi Naka, Takehiko Nakafuji, Shoji Ogawa, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Kumi Oguro, Koji Ono, Tatsuya Ozawa, Naoyuki Ogino, Koji Onaka, Eric Pelletier, Patrick Rimond, Abiko Sachie, Satoru Suyama, Kuraya Takashi, Shinichi Yokozawa, Kenta Tsunori, Takahiro Yamashita, Chiaki Yao,  Masahisa Yokomizo.