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Satoru Suyama

    About twenty years ago, I took this picture of a park slide and a cat, it was my encounter with photography. This photo was not only that of a cat in a park I photographed, but once printed, it had appeared to me as the whole universe.
    What I realized when I continued to photograph street cats, is that the places where cats can exist pleasantly, are also the places where mankind can live comfortably. I stopped looking at the world with my own measurements and realized how important it was in truth, from time to time, to look at things with perspective of cats.
    And there stands kindness.
    After that, taking pictures became my job. At the same time, of course, the days of living together with a cat began. I am crazy about this daily life full of magnificent surprises that the cat transmits to me. The one I spent 18 years with died in 2014, and now I am waiting for the right time to live with a cat again. I would like the days full of smiles thanks to living with cats in cities, in houses, to last forever….

    © Satoru Suyama