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Shigenori Miki

    Shigenori Miki’s cats are real portraits, made with great proximity. He creates a real relationship with his “models”, almost a dialogue. He doesn’t have a… Read More »Shigenori Miki

    Kentaro Araki

      Why do I photograph cats? The photographer Kentaro Araki replies with a deep introspection: “This comes mainly from my father. My father was a veterinarian. And… Read More »Kentaro Araki

      Mika Horie

        Mika Horie is the Japanese photographer famous for her photography on handmade paper. She goes to the mountain to find the right plant and takes… Read More »Mika Horie

        Kota Sake

          The cats in the photos of the Neko-Project book are Mon chan and Mama chan. As you can tell from the name Mama chan is… Read More »Kota Sake