Sophie Cavalierowww.sophiecavaliero.com

Based in Paris, Sophie Cavaliero is both a consultant in Human Resources (HR) Management and author on her passion – art. Her first book Nouvelle Garde, released in October 2011 by the publisher Le Lézard Noir was the result of two years of research especially while looking for new art works for her collection of Japanese contemporary art. This book is now a reference in France if you wish to know more about the Japanese contemporary art. Révélations, her second book released in September 2013 by the same publishers, is a follow-up of her researches, but this time focused on Japanese contemporary photography. Her partnership with Valérie Douniaux has been follow-up with a third book released in August 2016, C on contemporary Japanese ceramics. She is also an art and photography collector and a cat lover.

Olivier Bourgoin – agence révélateur – www.agencerevelateur.fr

Created in April 2010 by Olivier Bourgoin, the agency, called agence révélateur, is exclusively dedicated to photography.

The agency supports photographers, who question photography as medium and its role of revealing the reality, and explore the territories of the intimate. The agency work with the following photographers: Dan Aucante, Christine Delory-Momberger, Valérie Gondran, Damien Guillaume, Irène Jonas, Laure Pubert and Michaël Serfaty.

The agency also manages the communication and press relations for dedicated projects, lead by private or public entities, such as for example, for the institution – Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau, or the gallery – Galerie Patrick Gutknecht in Paris, or the publisher – Editions du Petit Oiseau.

Thierry Clech – www.thierryclech.com 

Thierry Clech is born in France in 1965, he lives in Paris. He only uses silver-based photography and his pictures are exclusively black and white. He takes photographs during his travels : India, Japan, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Ukraine… His work has already been shown in France and abroad (National library of Belorussian, the Nadar gallery, the Barrobjectif festival, the Book and photography festival of Tourcoing, the FotoIstanbul festival…). He has published two books, in association with French writers, Philippe Jaenada (Déjà vu, published by PC editions, 2007) and Bernard Chambaz (Imprimer le Monde, published by Les Éditions du Tigre, 2010), and two books dealing with Japan and New York, Explosante-fixe and 224 West 49th St, published in 2015 and 2017 by Iki editions in the Pont Rouge collection. Thierry Clech is also a writer and a scriptwriter.

Atsushi Fujiwara – http:atsushifujiwara.com

Atsushi Fujiwara is a photographer and the founder of Asphalt magazine . He is often exhibited in Japan and France and published 4 outstanding books: Nangokusho, Butterfly had a dream, Poet Island and Semimaru by Sokyusha publisher. There will be also an exhaustive exhibition, including  his complete works from Asphalt to SEMIMARU at Japanese historical place – 三井寺 Mii-dera temple – in October 2018.

Asphalt is a photography magazine launched by photographer Atsushi Fujiwara and Shin-ichiro Tojimbara in May 2008. From the 2nd issue, legendary Japanese photo editor Akira Hasegawa joined as an editor in chief. Asphalt finished in October 2012 with 10th issue as decided when launched.

Yoshihiro Ikka – www.libroarte.jp

Yoshihiro Ikka is the president of LibroArte., Inc.

LibroArte, established in Tokyo in 2008, publishes a large number of books concerning photography. LibroArte takes particular interest in young photographers and supports them by publishing photobooks and presenting exhibitions of their photographs. In recent years, LibroArte has become an active participant in artbook fairs held in Paris, Taiwan, and Korea.

Brigitte Manoukian – La Fontaine Obscure – www.fontaine-obscure.com

Brigitte Manoukian has been in charge of La Fontaine Obscure for five years now.

La Fontaine Obscure is an association of professional and/or amateur photographers based in Aix en Provence since 38 years. This association has been organizing for 18 years, PHOT’AIX, the Photography Festival, which strives to meet a double challenge:

  1. Promote contemporary photography by facilitating exchanges between French and foreign artists as part of the international exhibition Regards Croisés;
  2. Bringing photography down to a wider general audience and encouraging the emergence of new talents, by organizing Les Parcours Photographiques.

In 2015, Regards Croisés invited Japan for an exceptional exhibition: five Japanese artists (Yuki Hamada, Ken Kitano, Miki Nitadori, Naruki Oshima, Kazuyoshi Usui), exhibited their photographs in regard of five French photographers (Olivier Monge, Julie Poncet, Myriam Richard, Dorothy-Shoes, Tibo Streicher). Risaku Suzuki was the guest of honour. Since then, Belgium and then China have honoured Regards Croisés, and in 2018, Austria.

In addition to PHOT’AIX, the association organizes many events: monthly exhibitions in its gallery, readings of portfolios, participation in the Voies Off des Rencontres d’Arles and various photographic events in France and abroad, in addition to the various offers of training all year round (Masterclass and courses at all levels).