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Dai Itō

      The Cat Guest Dai Itō is an inspired photographer. A virtuoso of black and white, he tells us stories with all the sensitivity of… Read More »Dai Itō

    Masahito Agake

      The 10th life of a cat Masahito Agake is an architect by training and profession. He started with underwater photography while practising diving, and decided… Read More »Masahito Agake

      Yoko Mizuike

        Yoko Mizuike relates her perspective on cat photography: “In Japan, cats have had a big boom in recent years, and many items related to cats,… Read More »Yoko Mizuike

        Micchi Jay

          Micchi Jay’s photography tells a story, the story of the alley cats, how they live and how they survive. She tells us: “I don’t really… Read More »Micchi Jay

          Koji Onaka

            Koji Onaka has a long history of wandering in the streets of Japan and abroad in a search of the spontaneous and the unexpected. In… Read More »Koji Onaka