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Nohagi Naka

    Nohagi Naka chose to tell the beautiful story of Totsumi. Let’s listen!

    This cute cat I met in the mountains of Noto curled up against my camera and against me when I photographed her. When she was scratching her little head, I could hear the cat speaking into a “meow”. I learned a few minutes later that she was a survivor. The inhabitants of the neighborhood told me that this kitten had been abandoned a few days earlier. When I offered her the yoghurt I had, the cat ate it with all her strengths.

    Then she joined my house and took the name “Totsumi”. This cat was in fact a good-natured female cat, always on my side either when I was cooking, either  when I was taking a bath. When I was cooking, she wanted to wash the rice with me. In the end Totsumi was trying to imitate humans most of the time. Thats made me laugh every day. For me who lived alone, she manages to brighten my life.

    Now Totsumi went on the other  side of the rainbow … I miss Totsumi but when I celebrated my wedding, a big rainbow appeared sending me a beautiful blessing from heaven… There isn’t a day without me being grateful for all the happiness I felt from meeting Totsumi.

    © Nohagi Naka