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Michiko Soeda

    Michiko Soeda explains us how she comes to photograph cats…

    I like cats and for me who do not have children, I consider the cats who live with me as my own children. Then it’s to keep track of them, of the cuteness of “my own children” that I started photography. After a while I did not limit myself to my own cats, I went out to photograph straycats outside, in temples and shrines, in parks and cemeteries, in the shopping streets and on the roofs of dormitory towns, in the alleys of old neighborhoods and in vacant lots. Cats have always remained in places where humans being live, some cats fear men, others love them and live by getting food from human beings.


    Michiko Soeda speaks further interpreting her photography:

    By photographing straycats, I came to identify myself to these cats. Pitiful and yet strong, proud and yet flattering for the sake of interest, in good form and yet cunning, they magically become servile, quietly, insolently. Are they happy or unhappy, they do not think about it. They are not envious of others and do not feel jealousy. In these harsh and difficult conditions accepting their destiny, these cats who have the free heart, who believe in them and who live with all their strength, have by their way of life. These have taken my heart.  I continue to photograph the life of these cats, I learn “Ikikata” a Japanese expression meaning  a certain way of life.

    © Michiko Soeda