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Kei Muto

    Cat short stories « Twin » cats Both cats show their faces at the same time over the top of the house wall in front of my… Read More »Kei Muto

    Aoki Kanjo

      For a better cat life … Aoki Kanjo loves cats and has two cats at home. He has already seen kittens growing up with their… Read More »Aoki Kanjo

      Naoyuki Ogino

        The LittLe Deity Naoyuki Ogino lived ten years in Mexico and his first photographic works, of an ethnological nature, explored his origins, depicting the lives… Read More »Naoyuki Ogino

        Shinji Otani

          Fascinated by the artificially coloured photographs of Tutankhamun’s tumb, Shinji Otani attempts to reproduce in his own pictures this feeling of added reality brought by… Read More »Shinji Otani