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Kota Sake

    The cats in the photos of the Neko-Project book are Mon chan and Mama chan. As you can tell from the name Mama chan is… Read More »Kota Sake

    Kumiko Motoki

      Kumiko Motoki’s photography has been seen by many French people at La Gacilly photo festival 3 years ago with her beautiful photographs of Sumo.  (check… Read More »Kumiko Motoki

      Iku Kageyama

        Tsuru no Ongaeshi The series was made with a group who has supported to victims of Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. All kimono materials used for… Read More »Iku Kageyama

        Yasuhiro Ogawa

          “The world according to Shiro” Shiro (literally “white” in Japanese) is the name of a cat that Yasuhiro Ogawa met in one small island called Hatoma-jima,… Read More »Yasuhiro Ogawa

          Chiaki Yao

            In the attached picture, we are at the beginning of March when we can still feel the cold weather. The shovel in the shade is… Read More »Chiaki Yao